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How Much Are Wedding Flowers, and How Should I Budget?

How Much Are Wedding Flowers and How Should I Budget?

Often this is the first question I hear from brides on the search for flowers for their big day. The problem with this question is that there is no straight answer! Pricing for flowers is dependent on SO many factors. For example: season of the wedding, size of the wedding party, size/style of the bouquets, the types of colors and blooms, etc. While I wish I could give brides numbers to work with right at the beginning, the conditional nature design prevents us florists from doing so.

Your wedding is worth more than an annual holiday, cookie cutter arrangements and blanket pricing. You deserve special attention, unique designs, and beautifully priced flowers. With everything else stretching your budget as it is, let’s make the flowers fit your budget, not the other way around!

When I started designing independently, I made it part of my process to work within the bride’s budget. Tailoring my approach to her individual likes and preferences, the end result is less stressful, less expensive, and more personal!

Here are 3 tips to notate in your budget when preparing to meet with your florist!

1.) The recommended percentage of your wedding budget to reserve for florals is 10-15%. For example, if your entire budget is $12,000, earmark roughly $1,200-$1,800 for all your flowers. This is just a guideline, but it’s a good place to start!

2.) Decide how important flowers are to your wedding. Are they a minor accent? Will they majorly contribute to your theme? Is the bridal bouquet the central focus, and everything else will be less dramatic? Do you love the radiance and vibrancy of showstopper centerpieces and colorful displays? Rating the importance of florals in the sphere of your wedding will really steer your budget one way or another.

3.) Prepare, in detail, where and how many pieces you’d like. Your florist will ask you all these questions, but the more information you’re able to provide the more detailed their pricing list will become. How many bridesmaids need bouquets? Any boutonnieres for the groomsmen? Corsages for the mothers and grandmothers? How about swags for the church pews/rows of chairs? Do you love the idea of a floral arch? Be specific, be detailed, be excited! Use Pinterest for inspiration!

Your wedding is going to be spectacular, and the right florals will take it to next-level-lovely! Floral designers love designing unique, perfect arrangements for each and every bride. Trust their expertise and talent, and s/he will roll in on your wedding day with eye catching designs that showcase the spirit of your event splendidly!

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