I help brides design florals for their dream wedding aesthetic. Custom floral designs support each element of a wedding, pulling the theme together into a cohesive, unique event.


I began creating my own designs when working at a floral shop that spit out flower arrangements that all looked the same, no matter the event. I detested the stale recipes and found that working with each bride individually to incorporate her specific style, taste, and theme yielded many more happy weddings and events than cookie-cutter designs. 


This realization hit me hardest when an excited mother spent two hours with me matching ribbons to her daughter’s prom dress to create the most beautiful, personalized corsage. As we made a glorious mess of the studio, pulling every piece of ribbon out of boxes and every bloom from the walk in cooler, I thought to myself “yes… YES. This is exactly what I want to spend my life doing.” By the end of my time at that floral shop, returning and referred customers asked for “the smiling blonde girl” to design everything from apology arrangements to birthday bouquets. Having outgrown the bland corporate structure, I left the shop to create Peach Petals Floral Design as an independent designer for weddings and events. 


My first job was a dear friend’s wedding - she was running out of time, ideas, and money for her bridesmaids bouquets. Enter Lauren, psyched to have my first ever paid floral design job as an independent designer. It was providential, and armed with a love for design, my very own business cards, and an entrepreneurial spirit, I launched my Hallmark -movie dream into the world.


Since then, I’ve designed for weddings in all seasons, over a range of color schemes and styles. Your dream wedding becomes my passion, and whether your look is traditional and clean cut or unique and garden style, from the Hamptons tent weddings to a barn reception in the country, the floral designs we create together will be Pinterest-perfect, unforgettable, and memories for a lifetime.

My name is Lauren, nice to meet you